Saturday, February 8, 2020

Interpersonal Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Interpersonal Communication - Essay Example First, I am very opinionated. I do not necessarily have an opinion on every issue, but when I set my opinion on a certain issue, it is most probably because I evaluated the idea carefully and thoroughly. I have always thought that being such, I have the right to force my opinion on other people. I am usually like this with my friends, or those who are around my age bracket. I have no bad intentions in doing so. Usually, I become forceful in talks when I feel like I am doing the other person a favor by correcting his or her mistake. I usually put their opinion on the hot seat, and then point out the areas why that opinion is a mistake. I do it in a matter-of-fact manner that I usually do not care if the other person is getting offended or hurt. I notice that the other person will usually just say yes to me to close the topic, or keep quiet until he or she finds an opportunity to change the subject. Second, I have always believed that when I am right, I need to prove it. Sometimes, I go to lengths such as dissecting the issue just to show the other person that I was right. I do not have an issue in admitting that I am wrong if I am wrong, that is probably why I expect other people to be the same. I usually do this with my parents, especially when I feel that they underestimate my ideas just because I am younger and have lesser experiences than they have.I do not feel, however, like scoring points. ... I do not feel, however, like scoring points. I just want them to realize that there are times when I am right too. However, such conversations would end up either heatedly or with me being forced to shut up, which I do not appreciate. This would make me put a double effort in proving that I am right (usually by bringing up past conversations or arguments) when the next opportunity comes. Third, despite being opinionated and having strong character, I am a very happy person to be with. However, I seem to be very direct, or my sense of humor sometimes offends others who are a bit sensitive. For me, it is usually to break the ice or to encourage a cheerful mood when it gets awkward or dull. I always make it a point to be politically correct, but others still see my sense of humor as insensitive sometimes. While my upbeat personality may draw people to me and make them generally happy to be with me, I want to change some of my communication styles because I do not like offending or hurti ng people unnecessarily, even if they had been unintentional. Research on Self-Analysis of Communication Styles I have recently noticed how easy it is for my conversations with people who are close to me to go around in circles. What starts as a normal conversation would lead to an argument. Looking back to all those times, a big percentage of those arguments were due to trivial matters. I figured out it must have something to do with my communication styles. I remember a famous line that says, â€Å"It is not what you say, but how you say it.† This is the major point of my research regarding interpersonal communication. I believe that what is flawed is not my intention nor my message, but how I express my thoughts. As I have earlier mentioned, I

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