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Advances made by Sir Robert Peel

Advances made by Sir Robert Peel Sir Robert Peel Sir Robert Peel, 2nd Baronet was a British Conservative who was and still is a respected leader in national and international affairs. He had 2nd Baronet to his name for the reason that he shared the same name with his father who was referred to as 1st Baronet. He had two stints as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was Home Secretary, a period during which he was instrumental in establishing the contemporary idea of the police force which has impacted law enforcement in other parts of the world since then (Adelman, 1989, p. 4).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Advances made by Sir Robert Peel specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More As Prime Minister, he annulled the Corn Laws and came up with the Tamworth Manifesto that led to the establishment of the Conservative Party from the defunct Tory Party. Peel got himself into political affairs at the age of twenty one as legislator for Irish Cashel Tipperary, b eing elected unopposed. He had the backing of his father and Sir Arthur Wellesley who was later to become Duke of Wellington. Peel’s maiden speech at the commencement of the 1810 sitting was praised by the Speaker as second only to that of William Pitt. During his tenure as Chief Secretary in Dublin in 1813, he recommended the establishment of a professional law enforcement force, which later came to be referred to as the â€Å"Peelers†. For the subsequent decade he had stints at a succession of somewhat unimportant positions within the Tory administrations (Ramsay, 1969, p. 26). He also shifted constituencies twice, first to Chippenham and then Oxford University in 1817. From the 1930 he shifted to Tamworth where he stayed until his passing away. Peel showed that he was one of the growing lights of the Tory party and first got into cabinet occupying the Home Secretary docket in 1822. During his stay in that office he instituted some significant alterations of British criminal law, the most remembered being the setting up of the Metropolitan Police Force through the Metropolitan Act of 1829. Changes were also carried out in criminal law where the crimes liable to be punished by death were trimmed down. Adjustments were also carried out on the gaol scheme whereby payment for gaolers was initiated and learning for convicts. Peel stepped down as Home Secretary after Lord Liverpool who was Prime Minister at the time befell incapacitation (Clark, 1964, p. 34). George Canning replaced Peel. Canning passed away later and after Lord Goderich’s stint as premier, the Duke of Wellington took over and Peel was once again the Home Secretary.Advertising Looking for essay on history? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Police reform is one of the high points that Peel is well renowned for. He instituted the Metropolitan Police Force for London. The one thousand police officers taken up at the time were warmly dubbed Bobbies and in other quarters as Peelers, terms that have remained in place until today. These officers were very successful in reducing crime drastically in London. Peel instilled principles in the force which classified the moral obligations the officers must tag on in a bid to be effectual in their duties. By the late 1950s, all metropolitans in the United Kingdom were duty-bound to set up their own law enforcement forces (Clark, 1964, p. 36). Law enforcement in other parts of the world has borrowed from Peel’s principles. For instance in America, police officers are expected to carry out their duties with the highest ethical standards. The principles not only touch on the law enforcement but are in conjunction with the community whereby the law enforcement is the community, and the community the law enforcement. Peel was later to become Prime minister, then opposition leader and again Prime Minister, periods within which he instituted notable econ omic reforms (Adelman, 1989, p. 18). He passed away on 2nd July 1850 aged sixty two. Reference List Adelman, P. (1989). Peel and the Conservative Party: 1830-1850. London and New York: Longman. pp. 4 – 18. Clark, G. (1964). Peel and the Conservative Party: A Study in Party Politics 1832-1841. 2nd ed. Hamden, Connecticut: Archon Books, The Shoe String Press, Inc. pp. 34 36. Ramsay, A. (1928, 1969). Sir Robert Peel. Freeport, New York: Books for Library Press. pp. 26-27.Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Advances made by Sir Robert Peel specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More

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Discuss Marx's concept of surplus value and the exploitation of Essay

Discuss Marx's concept of surplus value and the exploitation of workers by capitalists. How convincing is his argument - Essay Example Marx also considered labor as a form of private property, classical economists, whereby considering the social labor as dead labor. Nevertheless, the main objective of the paper is to analyze various arguments by Marx concerning the concept of surplus value and exploitation of workers by capitalist, in order to determine how convincing they are. Marx redefined human being as a social being, who conceives the human generic life as a social activity of labor in a way that the concept of alienation is established with a certain meaning. On the other hand, there are consequences related to the difference of the definitions, role of the concepts of value as it is depicted in his works. The theory of labor value focuses on the scope of economic investigation, whereby even the historians of economic thought included Marx among classical economists. Therefore, Marx’s theories are depicted as radicalized versions of the classical theory of labor value. Marx’s concept of labor va lue has been inspired Neoclassical or NeoRicardian theory, which argues that labor is a unit of measure of commodities and capital, as he applies the argument to discuss the theory of capitalist exploitation (Skillman, 362). Moreover, the difference appears more relevant to remember, since the works various economists such as Torrens and Sraffa have embraced the knowledge of labor value. This is through the Ricardo’s theory, which serves as a unit of measure of capital and social products under assumptions. Moreover, the effort of assigning the role of measuring the distribution of the social products to the concept of value is a crucial role in Marx theoretical framework. The critical role refers to the specifically social and historically relative state of production mode, which depends on the exchange value. There are claims by Marx indicating that the classical economists identified labor as a source of value, and they considered the law of the capitalist mode of producti on to be natural and internal. This resulted to consideration of value form being quite indifferent or external to the nature of the commodity. There is a significant explanation of Marx perception concerning the inability to deduce more developed form of value such as money and capital or labor from economic classes. Therefore, there is a critical aspect of Marx methods, which depends on exposing the relative value of social labor in the contribution made in the first section of Book I of The Capital (Skillman, 309). Marx claimed that the reason why political economist fails to recognize the source of value in labor is due to exclusive concern on the question related to distribution of the social products, which relate to the magnitude of the value. Consequently, they consider the labor manifests in the value of commodity, hence making them unable to differentiate between labor producing use value and labor producing exchange value. Invocation of price value equivalence by Marx is considered as ideal case of the commodity exchange, which is appropriate based on pursuing the basic logic of capitalist exploitation and treatment of alternative circuit of capital that fails to account for a mode of production in which they operate. Moreover, Marx suggests that an imprecise conception of capital is a social relation of production, whereby three divergent circuits of capital that

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Interpersonal Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Interpersonal Communication - Essay Example First, I am very opinionated. I do not necessarily have an opinion on every issue, but when I set my opinion on a certain issue, it is most probably because I evaluated the idea carefully and thoroughly. I have always thought that being such, I have the right to force my opinion on other people. I am usually like this with my friends, or those who are around my age bracket. I have no bad intentions in doing so. Usually, I become forceful in talks when I feel like I am doing the other person a favor by correcting his or her mistake. I usually put their opinion on the hot seat, and then point out the areas why that opinion is a mistake. I do it in a matter-of-fact manner that I usually do not care if the other person is getting offended or hurt. I notice that the other person will usually just say yes to me to close the topic, or keep quiet until he or she finds an opportunity to change the subject. Second, I have always believed that when I am right, I need to prove it. Sometimes, I go to lengths such as dissecting the issue just to show the other person that I was right. I do not have an issue in admitting that I am wrong if I am wrong, that is probably why I expect other people to be the same. I usually do this with my parents, especially when I feel that they underestimate my ideas just because I am younger and have lesser experiences than they have.I do not feel, however, like scoring points. ... I do not feel, however, like scoring points. I just want them to realize that there are times when I am right too. However, such conversations would end up either heatedly or with me being forced to shut up, which I do not appreciate. This would make me put a double effort in proving that I am right (usually by bringing up past conversations or arguments) when the next opportunity comes. Third, despite being opinionated and having strong character, I am a very happy person to be with. However, I seem to be very direct, or my sense of humor sometimes offends others who are a bit sensitive. For me, it is usually to break the ice or to encourage a cheerful mood when it gets awkward or dull. I always make it a point to be politically correct, but others still see my sense of humor as insensitive sometimes. While my upbeat personality may draw people to me and make them generally happy to be with me, I want to change some of my communication styles because I do not like offending or hurti ng people unnecessarily, even if they had been unintentional. Research on Self-Analysis of Communication Styles I have recently noticed how easy it is for my conversations with people who are close to me to go around in circles. What starts as a normal conversation would lead to an argument. Looking back to all those times, a big percentage of those arguments were due to trivial matters. I figured out it must have something to do with my communication styles. I remember a famous line that says, â€Å"It is not what you say, but how you say it.† This is the major point of my research regarding interpersonal communication. I believe that what is flawed is not my intention nor my message, but how I express my thoughts. As I have earlier mentioned, I

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Blood Donation Srs Essay Example for Free

Blood Donation Srs Essay The system will consist of CIS Alumni Home page with five selections. The first selection is to fill out a survey. The questions on the survey will be created by a designated faculty member. The survey will ask the Alum questions concerning their degree, job experience, how well their education prepared them for their job, and what can the CIS department do to improve itself. This information will be retained on the departmental server and an e-mail will be sent to the designated faculty member. The second selection is to the Entries section. There are two choices on this page. One choice is to add a new entry. A form is presented to the Alum to be filled in. Certain fields in the form will be required, and list boxes will be used where appropriate. A password typed twice will be required of all new entries. The second selection of the Entries page is to update an Alum entry. A form will be presented allowing the Alum to enter their year of graduation and then to select themselves from a list. A password will be required before the information will be presented to the Alum to be updated. The third selection is to search or e-mail an Alum. A form will be presented requiring the requested Alum’s year of graduation. The requesting Alum will search a table to see if the requested Alum is in the database, and if so non-sensitive information will be returned. At this time the Alum can select to e-mail the Alumnus or search for another Alumnus. If the Alum chooses to e-mail the Alumnus a form will be presented for the message to be entered with the sending Alum’s name and e-mail. The message, with all necessary information will be forwarded to the requested Alum. The e-mail address of the requested Alum will not be seen by the sending Alum as a privacy measure. All pages will return the Alum to the CIS Alumni Home Page. 2. 3. 1. Use Case: Access Alumni Home Page [pic] Figure 2 Access Alumni Home Page Brief Description The Departmental Web Server is waiting on an Alum to connect. Initial step-by-step description For this use case to be initiated, the alum must be connected to the Internet and connected to the University Web Server. 1. The Alum connects to the University Web Server. 2. The Alum selects the Alum link on the CIS home page. 3. The University Web Server passes the Alum to the Alumni Home Page. Reference SRS Use Case: Alum Chooses Survey [pic] Figure 3 Alum Selects Survey Brief Description: The Alum chooses to fill out a survey. Initial step-by-step description: For this use case to be initiated the Alum must be connected to the Internet and on the CIS Alumni Home Page. 1. The Alum selects the â€Å"Fill out a survey† link. 2. The Departmental Server returns the survey form. 3. The Alum fills in the form. 4. The Alum clicks submit. 5. The Departmental Server retains information in the database designated faculty member will be notified. 6. The Departmental Server returns the Alum to the Alumni Home Page. Reference SRS   Use Case: Create New Entry [pic] Figure 4 Alum Selects Create a New Entry Brief Description: The Alum chooses to create a new entry on the Entries page. Initial step-by-step description. For this use case to be initiated the Alum must be connected to the Internet and on the CIS Entries page. 1. The Alum selects the â€Å"Add a New Alum† link. 2. The Departmental Server returns the â€Å"Add a New Alum Form. † 3. The Alum fills in the form. 4.

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Who the Fools Are in Gimpel the Fool Essay -- Isaac Bashevis Singer Pa

Who the Fools Are in Gimpel the Fool When reading through "Gimpel the Fool", the reader asks who the fools really are? Throughout this paper I will use the psychological approach. I will use this to show that Gimpel's character grows more into a successful person rather than a fool as everyone knows him to be. "Gimpel The Fool" is a story written by Isaac Bashevis Singer. This story is about a simple man named Gimpel. He is measured by many to be a fool because he is naive and easily taking advantage of; constantly falling for tricks layed out by the townspeople. Gimpel is also easily persuaded by the townspeople; they end up persuading him into marrying Elka, who is known as a whore. The author's point of view is what he is trying to get across to the readers. In this story, Singer is showing that good triumphs over evil. The author shows Gimpel's good side, by showing how caring and kind he is to people no matter what way he is treated by them. Gimpel just believes if he goes with the flow of things it would be a lot easier than dealing with the townspeople. "However, I resolved that I would always believe what I was told. What's the good of not believing? Today it's your wife you don't believe; tomorrow it's God Himself you won't take stock in" (305). Gimpel says this after his wife gave birth to their second child, during that time he had not seen her for nine months. The author shows us what is inside of Gimpel by having him be the narrator. He gives us an in-depth look inside the character's personality. Gimpel states, "I was no weakling. If I slapped someone he'd see all the way to Cracow" (301). The author is showing here that Gimpel does not have to give into the townspeople, he just chooses to. Throughout thi... ...ter about themselves the way they treated him. The townspeople never really showed any morals (superego) to Gimpel or any respect. All they showed was lack of respect and ridicule. As I read "Gimpel the fool" I thought to myself is Gimpel really the fool or is everyone else? To me I personally think he was not, he is smart by not arguing with people because arguing only causes turmoil, he was just making things easier on himself. Reading through this story I noticed a lot of things. I think in actuality the townspeople are the fools for the way they treated Gimpel. He is a good caring man that could be an excellent husband, as well an excellent friend. I think even though the people see him as being rich the truly rich thing in him is his forgiveness for others. Works Cited Singer, Isaac Bashevis. "Gimpel the Fool." Introduction to Literature. 2nd ed. Ed.

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Chapter Story

As you read through an example problem, pay attention to the margin notes , such as Helpful Hints, Reading Math notes, and Caution notes. These notes will help you understand concepts and avoid common mistakes. Read ( 4)3 as â€Å" 4 to the 3rd power† or â€Å" 4 cubed. The glossary is found in the back of your textbook. Use it to find definitions and examples of unfamiliar words or properties. The index is located at the end of your textbook. Use it to find the page where a particular concept is taught. The Skills Bank is found in the back of your textbook. These pages review concepts from previous math courses. Try This Use your textbook for the following problems. 1. Use the glossary to find the definition of absolute value. 2. Where can you review the order of operations? 3. On what page can you find aanswers to exercises in Chapter 2? 4.Use the index to find the page numbers where algebraic expressions, monomials, and volume of prisms are explained. Principles of Algebr a 5 1-1 California Standards AF1. 2 Use the correct order of operations to evaluate algebraic expressions such as 3(2x 5)2. AF1. 4 Use algebraic terminology (e. g. , variable, equation, term, coefficient, inequality, expression, constant) correctly. Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Why learn this? You can evaluate an expression to convert a temperature from degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit. (See Example 3. ) An expression is a mathematical phrase that contains operations, numbers, and/or variables.A variable is a letter that represents a value that can change or vary. There are two types of expressions: numerical and algebraic. A numerical expression does not contain variables. Numerical Expressions 3 27 2 18 4(5) 3 4 Vocabulary expression variable numerical expression algebraic expression evaluate An algebraic expression contains one or more variables. Algebraic Expressions x p 2 r 4n x 4 To evaluate an algebraic expression, substitute a given number for the variable. Then use the order of operations to find the value of the resulting numerical expression.

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Personal Statement Personal Assessment - 917 Words

Personal Assessment I really want to start this off by saying thank you, Jenna, for being one of the greatest professors I have had at FAU and one of the greatest acting teachers I have had during my eleven years of theatrical training. During my last three classes with you, I have learned so much about acting and theatre, but so much more about myself. You allowed me to discover how much more there is to me than just what I originally thought. I was able to gain so much confidence throughout your instruction, and I am very grateful for that. During Movement this semester, I have experienced the same personal growth but in more of a mind and body connection. As someone extremely interested in psychology, I found that I learned a tremendous amount by writing the biweekly journals. I know that some may see this kind of thing as busy work, but I really want to encourage you to keep having this as an assignment because it required and allowed me to critically think about some personal as pect of my life and connect that to my movement and my psychology. One of the greatest things was that I was able to connect humanely movement to the Earth’s movement and, therefore, connect that to Ecopsychology and ecophysiology. I was able to learn this the most throughout the lessons on mask work. The mask is a blank slate; it is a creature that is first discovering the world. It is learning about the nature and beings around it and also about itself. But the most intriguing part ofShow MoreRelatedPersonal Statement On Personal Inventory Assessment Essay1480 Words   |  6 PagesThis paper delves into certain insights I have in my personal and professional life. Personality, values, and motivation are a few of the items you will learn about me and my insights into these areas. Insights are a powerful item to use in an understanding or yourself, and how you engage in certain areas of your life. Secondly, we will examine how well I work with others in the workplace, and my personal activities. Discussion will consist of communication, leadership, and conflict skills, and howRead MorePersonal Statement : Personal Assessment Paper1442 Words   |  6 PagesPersonal Assessment Paper Whenever the term legacy is invoked in conversation it elicits many different responses. What is it that makes a person have a legacy that will endure long after he or she has breathed their last breath? In my judgement there are several factors that enable a person to have a long lasting impact on others. There are several key attributes that I feel contribute in the greatest manner of developing a person into who they are and into the professional and the leader theyRead MorePersonal Statement On Psychosocial Assessment2544 Words   |  11 PagesPsychosocial Assessment As I arrive into the office the receptionist informs me that my new client has arrived. I greet him and ask him to follow me. In the office I introduce myself and ask him how he is doing today. He seems to have a positive outlook on things. I inform him that his visit today will take no more than an hour. First and foremost I have him read and sign off the consent form. Next I inform the client about privacy and confidentially. I also let him know it is okay to stop me andRead MorePersonal Statement On Health Assessment Essay1064 Words   |  5 Pages(Health assessment). I wil be identifying 10 concepts from them and thoroughly scrutinize how they would apply to my personal life and other contextual settings such as social context, coupled with current related researches on these concept. However, their applications to my current work place (Havana specialist Hospital, Surulere, and Lagos, Nigeria) and their usefulness to the current world will also be discussed. The concepts are as follows: Communication in Health Assessment (Module1)Read MoreMy Personal Statement On The Assessment1050 Words   |  5 PagesMBTI Based on the assessment, I am characterized as an Introversion Sensing Thinking and Judging (ISTJ’s). My mental dominate function is Sensing introvert (Si) which means that I value past experiences. I work very hard to fulfill commitments by asking questions and setting appropriate time to work on it. When I am in any group setting, I personally prefer clear team roles before working on an assignments because I do not have to take on extra tasks. I make majority of my decisions based on myRead MorePersonal Statement On Family Assessment1834 Words   |  8 PagesCA to meet the Galagar family for the third and final family assessment. To prepare, I utilized Wright and Leahey (2013) Nurses and Families: A guide to Family Assessment and Interventions textbook in order to guide me in further assessing this family’s dynamic and especially their behavior towards each other as well as guide me in developing a strategy to conclude my Family Assessment project. It is important to state that assessment of this family dynamic was taken into account at each of the threeRead MorePersonal Statement On Self Assessment1855 Words   |  8 Pagestheir personality.In my tests, found their advantages and disadvantages at the same time, I seriously thinking and analysis, decision to continue to develop your strengths, and continue to expand their own advantages, help me to success. 1.Self-Assessment Three Aspects in My Characteristic In my character analysis, I found that there are three aspects of the advantages of more prominent. On the one hand, I am easy-going personality, to the change of the surrounding environment can timely and quicklyRead MorePersonal Statement : My Self Assessment1805 Words   |  8 PagesTask 1 My self-assessment Personality traits I am one of the Analysts; a rational and impartial individual who enjoys intellectual pursuits and prizes and independence. I am also known for my strategic thinking skills Business skills One of the many business traits i have identified myself to posess, is a grasp of financial awareness. I am able to attain within a given budget and i also make money go further than most . Also i am not the one to only look for the cheapest product as other productsRead MorePersonal Statement : My Self Assessment1509 Words   |  7 PagesWhen looking through my self-assessment which analyzed my strengths, abilities, skills and areas of improvement it made me wonder if all leaders have similar strengths and areas of improvement. For the project I thought I would look at someone who I considered a polar opposite to myself and begin to explore this notion of similarities and dissimilarities. The leader I chose was the infamous Jack Welch. This paper will explore my-self assessment, how that compares and contrasts with Jack. This paperRead MorePersonal Statement Assessment : My Personality As A Business Owner843 Words   |  4 PagesV.Implications for Career This self-evaluation assessment has provided the pros and cons of my interpersonal interactions with employees as a business owner. The implications of the Emotional Intelligence assessment have inspired me to identify and single out the positive and negative aspects of my personality as a business leader. I have become more aware of the importance of self-knowledge as a way to identify emotional patterns that can help me understand my employees outside of their job performance