Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Who the Fools Are in Gimpel the Fool Essay -- Isaac Bashevis Singer Pa

Who the Fools Are in Gimpel the Fool When reading through "Gimpel the Fool", the reader asks who the fools really are? Throughout this paper I will use the psychological approach. I will use this to show that Gimpel's character grows more into a successful person rather than a fool as everyone knows him to be. "Gimpel The Fool" is a story written by Isaac Bashevis Singer. This story is about a simple man named Gimpel. He is measured by many to be a fool because he is naive and easily taking advantage of; constantly falling for tricks layed out by the townspeople. Gimpel is also easily persuaded by the townspeople; they end up persuading him into marrying Elka, who is known as a whore. The author's point of view is what he is trying to get across to the readers. In this story, Singer is showing that good triumphs over evil. The author shows Gimpel's good side, by showing how caring and kind he is to people no matter what way he is treated by them. Gimpel just believes if he goes with the flow of things it would be a lot easier than dealing with the townspeople. "However, I resolved that I would always believe what I was told. What's the good of not believing? Today it's your wife you don't believe; tomorrow it's God Himself you won't take stock in" (305). Gimpel says this after his wife gave birth to their second child, during that time he had not seen her for nine months. The author shows us what is inside of Gimpel by having him be the narrator. He gives us an in-depth look inside the character's personality. Gimpel states, "I was no weakling. If I slapped someone he'd see all the way to Cracow" (301). The author is showing here that Gimpel does not have to give into the townspeople, he just chooses to. Throughout thi... ...ter about themselves the way they treated him. The townspeople never really showed any morals (superego) to Gimpel or any respect. All they showed was lack of respect and ridicule. As I read "Gimpel the fool" I thought to myself is Gimpel really the fool or is everyone else? To me I personally think he was not, he is smart by not arguing with people because arguing only causes turmoil, he was just making things easier on himself. Reading through this story I noticed a lot of things. I think in actuality the townspeople are the fools for the way they treated Gimpel. He is a good caring man that could be an excellent husband, as well an excellent friend. I think even though the people see him as being rich the truly rich thing in him is his forgiveness for others. Works Cited Singer, Isaac Bashevis. "Gimpel the Fool." Introduction to Literature. 2nd ed. Ed.

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