Thursday, November 21, 2019

Economic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 9

Economic - Essay Example According to him, the nature will be destroyed in the process of industrialization. States welfare, also, will result to spread of moral hazards, the capitalists will dominate and rule the private economy after dominating social power. In addition, he said that, completion will also be essential as the complacence and old-fashioned capitalists will be doomed in the progress of sociological evolution. I can agree that he was right for most of the problems have been as a result of evolution, which has even caused global warming (LÃ ¶we, 28). Keynesian economic schools of thought differ from other schools of thoughts. The basics of the Keynesian theory is that the aggregate demand influences the individual’s decision-making and that the States monetary system policies can also influence the economy. In addition the theory, accepts the suggestion that the total economic spending includes those of individuals, organizations, and government, where it states that government spending can help in economy development, unlike in the classical theory (LÃ ¶we, 35). Lastly Keynesian theory majorly focuses on short-term solutions to economic problems but Classical theory sides with long-term solutions. In addition, Anglo-Saxon capitalism focuses mainly on shareholders and no other stakeholders or employees. Anglo-Saxon differs from Asian and European capitalism for the focuses on long term relations with bank and a regulated state market by government but on the other hand Anglo-Saxon concentrate on short term relation/ profit in expense of long-term plan. I can say that US is a good example of Anglo-Saxon for it does not control its market. First I can classify United States, Germany, Sweden, Japan and South Korea into two broad categories of corporate capitalism and Anglo-Saxon. US is an example of Anglo-Saxon, and other listed countries are corporates. Equally in the US, there is a free

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